Where are you from?: I grew up in a small town in CT called Middlebury. (Not the one with the college, that’s Middlebury, VT.) I went to Trinity College in Hartford and I’ve lived here since.

How do you identify?: Female (she/her), queer (more specifically, bisexual), non-monogamous, Christian, liberal

What would your friends say are your favorite things?: In no particular order…my car, decorating, candles, cooking, ramen (the Japanese restaurant kind, although the 20-cent kind is great too), good coffee, spicy drinks, boobs, yoga, football, singing, “the clerb,” speaking Spanish, talking about sex

What’s a classic Sarah saying?: “Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.” I can’t take credit for it, I heard it from a sexologist. But I have said it enough times to rub off on a few people. Also, saying “roll tide” as a way to get a people moving, although I have no affiliation to Alabama.

What’s your pet peeve?:  People who walk through the left door when the right door is open, also people who lock the right door

What’s the best place you’ve visited?: My favorite trip to date was Cuba. A close second was 10 days in California from Marin County down to San Diego. And I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Barcelona, where I lived for a semester.

Why did you start this blog?: Now more than ever, people are connecting online to learn and grow together. I do a lot of unofficial teaching and counseling in my day-to-day, and I’m excited to formalize some of it and engage in more conversations. I hope that sharing my experiences both helps you to feel seen as you travel similar journeys and opens your eyes to perspectives you haven’t considered before.

“What gives you the right?,” as they say?: Well, I suppose in 2022, all you need is an internet connection and an opinion. Beyond those…I’ve been writing since a young age, I was commended for my talents in school, so hopefully I haven’t lost it. In my adult life, I took classes in mindfulness & meditation, completed a six-month training program in racial justice, and I am currently a student at the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment (ISEE). I believe it’s so important to be a life-long learner (insert shameless plug for my Resources page), and I hope that I can be a resource for you.

What’s your day job?: I work in product management at a large insurance company, which involves data analysis, presentations, and people leadership. I have always loved both math & logical reasoning and psychology & sociology. I lead most of my department’s diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I) initiatives & conversations, and I am involved with our company-wide diversity networks.

How can I contact you?: Email sarahdicorpo@gmail.com, or click on a link below!