Sarah’s Favorite Things 2020

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Disclaimer: I am not compensated by any of these brands. Although if you’d like to pay me…let’s talk.

Blue Apron

© Blue Apron, LLC

“A lot of you have been asking me about my foooood piiiiics…”

I got a Blue Apron coupon in the mail and thought I’d do it for one week….Here I am over two years later.

I love it because it’s delicious. I mean…I bite into things and go “I made this?!” I regularly impress dinner guests, too.

I love it because of the variety. I’ve cooked so many meals I would not have thought of myself. I get excited as I look forward to the new combinations coming up. And I don’t have to buy any niche ingredients that I will rarely use and eventually throw out.

I love it because it has sneakily taught me techniques that I can use when I’m cooking without a recipe.

I love it because it’s flexible. I can have it delivered two Tuesdays in a row, skip a week, and then get it the following Thursday. And if anything goes wrong with my delivery, they make it right.

And I love it in a pandemic because for every meal they send me, it’s one less meal I have to go to the grocery store for.

5 people can hit me up to get your first box for free!


© BruMate LLC

“What’s that thing your drink is in?” This magical thing keeps it cold when I’m outside on a hot summer day, or even if I’m inside in the winter and I’m just a slow drinker. And it comes in tons of designs. I have two for slim cans and one of the “Trio,” which works for craft beer in 16 oz cans, cheap beer in 12 oz cans – with an ice pack “booster seat”- or as a tumbler with a lid!

Ikea Wine Opener

IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL corkscrew black 7 "

If you’re out here using an electric wine opener, you’re fancier than me. But if you’re looking for the best thing manual can offer, look no further. This two-piece contraption will neatly cut the label off the top and brings the cork out of the bottle with simple twisting…no pulling or corkscrew arm-finagling required.

I’d pay good money for this kind of utility. But because it’s an Ikea wonder…it’s $6.99.

Aerie “Play” Leggings

OFFLINE Real Me High Waisted Legging
© AEO Management Co.

Full disclosure, I’ve never tried Lululemon leggings. I’m afraid I’ll like them too much and wind up spending way too much money on them. But why bother, when Aerie sells something so great for $45, and they’re usually closer to $30 when I buy them on sale?

The “Play” design is so soft, smooth, and comfortable. They hug my curves perfectly whether I’m working from home all day or doing a crazy new yoga pose. I have them in black, blue, red, green, leopard print, and camo.

And I love shopping at Aerie because of how inclusive they are in their sizing and advertising.


© PopSockets LLC

Here’s my quick five-point pitch for the PopSocket: 1. You will no longer drop your phone on your face in bed. 2. Entertainment, i.e. the ability to spin your phone in circles and pull the PopSocket out and in repeatedly. 3. Built-in kick-stand for video watching. 4. If you experience small pockets and leggings without pockets, you can use the PopSocket to clip your phone to your pants. 5. They’re pretty…mine is rose gold and matches my phone case.

Plus, my ex once got a custom one with a mirror pic I took of my butt.

Dagne Dover “Legend” Tote

© Dagne Dover

Ever hear the phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place?” Here it is in a handbag. If you’re organized like me or want to be, this bag is a must. I always know exactly where I can grab my laptop, sunglasses, water bottle, keys, phone, pen, hair tie…I could go on, there are so many pockets. It’s stylish and sturdy, and worth the investment, especially when it’s on sale. I’ve also used a matching “smallet” (small wallet) for quick grab-and-go of my basic necessities.